Monday, June 17, 2013

Execution Problems?

One of the most amazing things I learned in the Army is how to execute. Most of the leadership training in the Army focuses on "decisions on the fly". Sure we do planning involving lengthy operations orders, but while not planning correctly will get you productive feedback sessions, not making decisions to correct things when the plan starts going sideways...

That is push-ups and screaming.

Translating this into a business environment is difficult, because making decisions without fear is truly a learned behavior and many people just don't trust themselves or their organization enough to do it. Oftentimes when employees come to me and complain about planning it tends to be a lack of decision making and execution on the part of a leader somewhere in the process.

In order to really overcome the fear of making a decision you really have to have an overwhelming desire to WIN. I have found that successful executives in organizations have to really control themselves from making decisions that belong at a lower level. They watch lower levels agonize over decisions that would take them seconds and they can't control themselves. I think if I could identify one key trait of successful executives making quick decisions on the fly without fear would be one. How do you fit?

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